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The post below was published on Sunday, August 29th, 2010 at 6:30 AM.

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De Profundis

After a long break, Abstract Appeal is nearing a return to daily posts.

I will post about my absence, my return, and what I plan to do going forward.

In the meantime, I need to finish a bit more coding to get this site in at least basic enough shape to publish posts. I will explain this in further detail later, but changes at Blogger during the past year forced me to abandon that formerly phenomenal tool and use another to manage my posts. I have chosen WordPress, but unless I want a site that looks like countless other WordPress sites, I need to code my own pages to look and function the way I like.

The whole process is essentially a repeat of what I did back in 2003 when I first created this blog, only now I can update things and incorporate some fun new components as I essentially start from scratch, even if things do not appear that way. All this involves a rather large learning curve for me, since I have not given a thought to html, java scripts, php, and lots of related concerns for what seems like a lifetime.

I have decided that, at least in the near future, I am going to leave my archives as Blogger generated them and not move the over 5000 posts into WordPress. I will also leave the old archive folders formatted with my old template, so if you click on an old archive page, you will see the page as it originally looked. I will probably take the old posts and wrap them inside the current template at some point, but not soon.

Once I finish getting the basic code for the page right, I will be, as I used to say, back in blog

Thanks for stopping by.

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