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The post below was published on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 at 11:13 PM.

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A Little Tech Talk

The best way I can say it goes like this: I hope this thing works.

Abstract Appeal may look pretty much the same, but it is actually rebuilt from scratch. The application I previously used to manage my blog posts announced earlier this year that it would no longer support ftp transfer to the primary domains of web sites not hosted by Google. That change ended my seven-year relationship with Blogger, the tool that got this blog, and millions of others, running on the net.

After a good deal of research, I settled on WordPress as my new tool to manage posts. WordPress is very different from Blogger. It builds pages and dynamically serves them using PHP, and it took me time to learn how to make it work for me. Most significantly, since I did not want to use one of the ready-made WordPress themes, I had to get out the Dummies manuals and learn how to code what you see here so it looks the way I originally coded Blogger. Then I learned that my web host did not give me access to certain important server files, making it incompatible with how I wanted to use WordPress. So I needed to change web hosting companies, with all the foofaraw such things involve.

Along the way, I got to fix up scores of tiny details that I never took the time to fix in the past. I created an updated left-column link set that matches what I really use in practice, touched up a number of details in the graphics layouts, reconfigured the various syndication feeds, added boxes near the top of the main page to allow me to feature some recent case law and discussion posts, and more.

The fun part is that I got a small glimpse of how the web-based world works. To be sure, there is nothing fancy going on around here, and sort of like early Abba with English, I know only what I needed to know to do what I wanted to do.

So if you spot anything around here that looks wrong or acts odd, please let me know. This site is far from perfect. I just hope it works.

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