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The post below was published on Friday, September 17th, 2010 at 9:02 AM.

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Fourth District: Certiorari

Extraordinary writ fans — I know you are out there — you may be interested in this decision from the Fourth District. The court granted a former wife’s petition for writ of certiorari to quash an order requiring her to submit to vocational testing and permitting the former husband’s expert to block all recording methods. The court found irreparable harm, and a departure from the essential requirements of law, in the exclusion.

I suppose I qualify as a writ fan. I am the author of an extensive chapter on extraordinary writs in the bar’s “Civil Practice Before Trial” publication. This past summer I spent much time updating the chapter for the publication’s next edition, which is due out soon. This also reminds me — I meant to post about what I was doing this past year instead of blogging. I’ll do that.

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