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The post below was published on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at 8:52 AM.

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Abstract Fun

For the peculiar persons who may be interested, I’ll note that the site’s rebuild is nearly complete. There were numerous features I wanted to include — the popular posts boxes at the top center of the home page being good examples — and they are now all completed.

Some of this has been a challenge. Just yesterday I spent a rather silly amount of time figuring out how to display those boxes with the second lines of each bullet point nicely indented in all browsers. I think that now works, and the look is much more neat, especially for folks using browsers with low resolution.

Speaking of resolution, I am astounded at how many people out there are still using 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 displays. The content-rich web must look painfully coarse on those screens. I have tried to make this site look respectable even at those resolutions.

Simple as it is, the horizontal line up top right below the popular posts boxes gives me a nice floor for displaying quotes or images or whatever comes to mind. The currently displayed quote by Judge Schwartz is the first of many items to find their way into that space.

I started the rebuild with a long to-do list. It is now down to two main items: adding links to a number of good blogs that are not geographically-based legal blogs, and, once that is done, wrapping all of the 2003-09 static archive pages in the new template.

For those who wonder why a rebuild ends up looking largely like the old site, the answer is simple: I like the basic look and layout here. It is somewhat unique, functional, simple, and, at least in my view, suitably professional for what I try to do here. Besides, it took me a long time to create it the first time.

So once I have knocked out the remaining to-do items, I can focus on content. I will surely tweak things from time to time, and if anyone notices a problem please let me know, but I will try to spend my time here working on posts, not behind the scenes changes. There sure is a lot to talk about.

Thanks for stopping by.

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