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The post below was published on Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 at 9:23 AM.

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Florida Supreme Court: Amendment 8 Moves Forward

This year’s proposed constitutional amendment 8 seeks to revise Florida’s constitutional limits on school class sizes. The proposed amendment’s ballot summary states that the limits will be reduced and that the legislature must fund the amendment’s requirements. Challengers to the proposal brought a lawsuit against the state, arguing that the summary does not explain that the amendment would reduce the amount of money required to be spent on education and incorrectly suggests that the funding obligation would be new.

A trial court rejected those arguments, and the First District passed the case directly to the Florida Supreme Court. In this decision, the supreme court affirmed the trial court’s ruling, holding that the ballot summary accurately represents the amendment’s chief purpose and does not affirmatively mislead voters.

Next week, I will post comments on all of this year’s proposed constitutional amendments.

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