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The post below was published on Monday, October 25th, 2010 at 8:54 AM.

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Florida Supreme Court: Telling Jurors Why There’s An Electronic Research Ban

The Florida Supreme Court deserves a nod for this order, which revises even the newly revised jury instructions in civil and criminal cases with respect to electronic research by jurors.

The latest revisions not only tell jurors that they cannot conduct electronic research but tells them why they should not — namely, that when jurors conduct their own research, the parties have no way of knowing what was learned or responding to it, and this is contrary to the basic principles underlying our system of justice.

Jurors are far more likely to follow a rule when they understand why not following it would be unfair.

The new instructions also expressly reference “tweeting, texting, blogging, e-mailing, [and] posting information on a website or chat room.” Marvelous.

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