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The post below was published on Friday, July 8th, 2011 at 8:29 AM.

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People Say I’m Lazy…

Dreaming my life away. Well they give me all kinds of advice…

You know the rest. Lennon had been spending time raising a family in New York. My story is a little different.

When I abruptly stopped posting in late February, I expected the break to last about 10 days. It was, as it always is, a briefing problem — I found myself headed toward a motion to rehear a no further extensions order, and I could not allow that motion to be preceded by time obviously spent here. The motion was granted, and that very important brief then ran into the time when I needed to be preparing another important brief, and so on. Things cascaded. I tend to have a bit going on, and the work I have is wonderfully interesting, so when things tumble together, they really tumble together, and it becomes difficult to find the massive amount of time it takes to head back here and re-energize the place.

By my rough totals, I wrote over 340 pages of briefs since I last posted. Three of those briefs involved cases with thousands of pages of trial transcripts. Whew. So where was I? Writing. Those who have long stopped by Abstract Appeal hopefully know that I never let this site interfere with giving my best efforts to my work.

A few other interests certainly affected my ability to return here. I spoke at this Hot Topics appellate seminar in Jacksonville, this Defense Research Institute appellate seminar in Orlando, a Product Liability Advisory Council seminar in Coral Gables, and this Florida Supreme Court appellate seminar in Tallahassee. They were tremendous fun. I also created and hosted this terrifically fun seminar in Tampa that featured all 14 of the Second District’s judges, and I had the honor of visiting Tallahassee and speaking to Solicitor General Scott Makar’s FSU Law School class.

I wrote a short article that is just now being published in The Record, and I squeezed in reading two books, too, one of which I highly recommend.

Somehow I managed to keep running. Barely. I may have run more races than training runs, which is backwards. The races included three 5k’s, one 8k, one 10k, one 15k, one half-marathon, and one full marathon. Debbie and I had a great time on a trip to New York, which incidentally gave me a chance to sneak in a 20-mile run in Central Park, going past The Dakota a few times with somber thoughts. We also visited Connecticut for my grandfather’s 90th birthday. Inspirational.

I regret that I missed the chance to comment on some significant events. This year’s legislative session was controversial, with multiple bills aimed squarely at the appellate judiciary. The Casey Anthony case has been a noteworthy saga, too, in many respects.

I served two briefs this week, and when I did so, the backlog that began in February ended. Things are back on track. I am looking forward to an exciting year as the new chair of the Appellate Practice Section and to catching up here.

I have dearly missed it.

Thanks for stopping by.

POST-SCRIPT: As you can tell, I have not been able to return here for quite a while. The opportunities I have had since I last posted have been extraordinary. I am grateful for them and appreciate how, in many ways, this site helped pave their path for me. I will eventually update this site. It means too much to me for it to come to an unremarkable end at this point. Time will tell how. In the meantime, as always, thanks for stopping by.

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